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Zoe Fitch is a contemporary figurative abstract painter and current MFA student at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL. Fitch accomplished her BFA at The University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS in 2019. As a Mississippi native, she aspires to tell her personal perspective through her Southern narratives. Fitch looks to influences in Southern culture including flora, wildlife, quilts, clothes making, cooking and other “female-centric” duties. Inspired by her female relatives, Fitch pays homage to the past while commenting on recurring issues.

Artist Statement

Through layers of paint and paper, I investigate the Southern woman’s perspective; her struggles, both socioeconomic and with benevolent sexism. Bright hues are combined with muted tones in order to combine my contemporary view with the history that I am inspired by. Using found materials hoarded by my great-grandmother and mother, history tells its story through collage. By using materials from specific places, such as red clay from Alabama and flowers from Mississippi, I am able to connect the narrative to its setting. While I am inspired by people and places in the Southeast, my intention for the viewer is to connect to a sense of female empowerment, home, nature, and maternal essence before realizing where this moment takes place. I want to tell the Southern woman’s story, not just my own family’s but many others, I do this with a single female character. This story does not have a beginning nor end, but rather suggests various moments throughout the character’s life. I am inspired by the land in which I grew up in, the land that my poor family made a life in, and the land that gives me a certain identity, just like anyone else.